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A Balancing Act

Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Jimmy Buffett was known as a man who lived the carefree island life. He made a living championing the benefits of taking it easy having fun. But, in reality, he was a hard worker who created a billion dollar industry.

The slogan "Work Hard...Play Hard" is all about learning to balance career/school and personal life. It's a skill we can begin to teach our children at an early age.

Two ways to begin are: (1) Establish a routine that will work for your child and the family. Set a specific time for homework each day. Decide together if your child needs time to relax and unwind after school or can immediately complete homework and then play.

(2) Establish clear expectations regarding tasks that need to be accomplished at home and create a schedule to complete them that allows time to relax or play afterwards.

The routines and expectations we create for children are just as important for adults. Have a family meeting to discuss what works for each member. Then remember to model the philosophy of "Work Hard...Play Hard" each day.

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