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Cultivating a Good Work Ethic

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September. It's a national tribute to the men and women who have made our country strong and prosperous.

A good work ethic is a fundamental character trait that is essential for success. Whether it's school related, work related or recreation related, if you want to do well, you need to be self-motivated and give 100%.

A positive work ethic is a character trait that can be instilled at an early age. Provide age-appropriate tasks for your children to accomplish at home and set a standard. Increase their responsibilities as they get older. Have additional chores they can accomplish and be compensated for. It will begin the process of teaching your children the value of money. One approach could be to list all the weekly tasks that need to be completed. Family members can select tasks they want to volunteer to complete. If some are more "popular" than others, create a rotating schedule.

School is your child's job. Make it a priority to develop a strong work ethic. Help with homework but it is ultimately your child's responsibility to complete it and hand it in. Instill perseverance. Teach your child not to give up if the task is more difficult. Teach them to see it through. Model giving 100% in all you do. Your children will learn that no matter what the outcome, by giving your all, you will be successful in other ways.

Lead by example. My grandparents owned a store that sold lamps and gift items. When I was in elementary school, I "worked" there every Saturday. I started by selling bulbs at 10 cents each and worked my way up into a salesperson in high school. It taught me to always be on time; to treat everyone with respect whether or not they purchased; and to do my very best to find them something they loved. Great values to learn!

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