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Honoring Our Mothers

Sunday, May 6, 2018

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Happy Mother's Day to Moms everywhere! My mother passed away too many years ago but I think about her every day.

My Mom was the ultimate work-a-holic and her children inherited the trait. She always gave 100% whether selling a lamp in the store, knitting a sweater, or playing a game of gin rummy. She counseled me that I could achieve any goal by giving my all. As I climbed each rung of the "ladder of success," her good advice guided me.

Family was very important to my mother. She instilled loyalty and a deep sense of love and caring that holds true to this day. When writing "Don't Be That KID! At School," she was whispering in my ear as I collaborated with my family to choose the character traits for each scene and then when writing the rhymes to go with them. She and my father would have loved to be a part of it and I dedicated the book to them.

This month gives us an opportunity to honor our mothers. Wishing all mothers a glorious month of May to share with your children!

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