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How To Be Kind

Monday, November 14, 2022

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The month of November is usually a time that we step back and contemplate what we are thankful for. It's also a perfect time to help our children think about ways they can be kind to others in the new year.

I found this great list of "Acts of Kindness Every Middle Schooler Can Do" on Project School Wellness. I'd like to share it with you:

1. SMILE at everyone you pass in the hallway, in the store, or walking on the sidewalk.
2. HOLD The Door open for people.
3. SIT by someone who is eating alone.
4. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and give someone your full attention.
5. GREET people in the hallways.
6. When you experience something good, SHARE it with people (a book, social media post).
8. TALK to someone you don't usually talk to and try to get to know them.
9. Say PLEASE and THANK YOU when you ask for things.
10. COMPLIMENT someone.
11. HELP classmates when they need it.
12. Leave a NICE COMMENT on social media.
13. ASK NEW PEOPLE to be in your group during class.
14. ASK someone how their day is going and GENUINELY 1 LISTEN to their response.
15. Make EYE CONTACT when you talk to people.
16. FORGIVE someone when they hurt your feelings (even if they don't ask for forgiveness).
17. Give someone POSITIVE FEEDBACK when they've done something well.
18. APOLOGIZE when you mess up.
19. LISTEN when someone needs to talk.
20. Say THANK YOU a lot.
21. SHARE your things.
22. Tell people to "HAVE A GREAT DAY"
23. FOLLOW THROUGH when you make a commitment.
24. GIVE AWAY things you don't need anymore.
25. DON'T JUDGE people.
26. Give people the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.
27. Give your parents a HUG.
30. Let someone GO AHEAD OF YOU in line.
31. CALL and talk to someone you haven't spoken to in a while.
32. COMPLIMENT your teachers.
33. Say "I LOVE YOU" to the people you love.
34. WASH the dishes without being asked.
35. Be HONEST.
37. FACETIME your grandparents.
38. LISTEN to others' point of view.
39. DON'T INTERRUPT people.
40. Put OTHER PEOPLE'S INTERESTS above your own.

As I was typing the list, it occurred to me that this is a wonderful list for every age group, including adults!

Why not share the list at Thanksgiving dinner and have a lively conversation about how to accomplish being kind to others.

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