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Inspiring Young Authors

Thursday, June 9, 2022

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I was honored to give the address at the St. Lucie County Young Author Celebration last month.

I was impressed with the caliber of creativity, even with the youngest participants. Some of the books I read were worthy of being published and sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

These talented students were inspired by their families and their teachers. How can we inspire other students to embrace writing?

We must encourage children to become avid readers. Begin reading to your children immediately and never stop! When they become able to read themselves, have them read to you. Discuss the elements of every book and what made it a "good read" for them.

Have your young children tell you a story and you write it down. Give them an opportunity to read it back to you. Then let them illustrate it.

Encourage your children to explore different genres. Explain the differences and provide a wealth of books to choose from.

Give your children an opportunity to write in a journal or diary. It's a great way to express ideas and personal thoughts. If your children want to share their entries, that's great. If not, respect their privacy.

Create a family book. When I was writing the "Don't Be That KID!" series, I had family members submit rhymes to me that went with each scene. It was such a wonderful opportunity for the family to be a part of the creation of the books!

Whether your children are writing a poem, a short story, a memoir, fiction, a mystery or an informative essay, ask them to read their work to you. Show enthusiasm and validate their creativity. Give helpful hints, if you think they have merit. But, do it respectfully.

The St. Lucie County Young Author Celebration shows a commitment to aspiring writers. I was so excited to meet the students and their proud parents and teachers!

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  1. Ellen Daly Ellen Daly The "Don't be that Kid" series is a must for all kids today. We give them to families as a thank you for the business and always get a thank-you call or note! Thursday, June 9, 2022
  2. The author Thanks so much to you and Bryan Friday, June 10, 2022