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The Law of Magnetism

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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John Maxwell has said, "Who you are is who you attract."

Your values can determine what and who you attract into your life. The Law of Magnetism states that similar character traits are drawn to each other. If you are a positive person, you're likely to attract positive people and experiences into your life. Likewise, if you tend to view things in a negative way, chances are your are attracting negative people.

Your core values and your integrity play a significant role in who and what you attract. Your energy level is also an important element in who you attract.

When your children are beginning to develop friendships, encourage them to meet and associate with people who share their qualities. When parents tell me about the "drama" in their child's friendships, the cause is usually a lack of alignment in their values and beliefs. When your child befriends someone with opposite energies and beliefs, there will be conflict.

Help your children be discerning about their friendships by assisting them to clarify their values. The "Don't Be That KID!" Series can assist parents to help their children self-reflect on their beliefs and what is important to them in any relationship.

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